Most consumers fall into one of two categories: 1). Their purchasing decisions are based on what the mass public purchases. 2). Their purchasing decisions are based on which celebrity endorses it.

That’s very sad, right? Yep! Indeed. In high school, every kid owned a pair (or two, three, four, five…..) of Jordans (NKE). Why? Well, it had nothing to do with quality, but everything to do with branding. To own a pair of Jordans meant you were cool, even if it was just on the outside.

I always felt bad for those kids; my peers, and also myself for succumbing to such atrocious popularism. I started TUB in 2008 to be the flagship retailer for my two brands at the time, but also to be the anti-mass produced, anti-pop wear apparel and retail brand. And I’ll keep it that way as long as I’m in charge.

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