1). I have a clothing company. Do you guys sell other brands?

A). Yes! Drop us an email and we’ll get back to you.

2). How can I promote you guys?

A). Click HERE and you can also spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.

3). Can I stock your brands in my store?

A). Drop us an email and we’ll take about it.

4). Where are you guys located?

A). New York Office: Click HERE>

5). Are you guys seeking new partners?

A). Yes we are. Drop us an email so we can talk business.

6). Why don’t you guys mass produce your brands?

A). We don’t feel a brand can truly be authentic when the goal is to be everywhere and everything to everyone. We strongly believe in our brand’s integrity and will not diminish it for a quick buck.

7). Is The Urban Blvd Corporation a publicly traded company?

A). No! We’re a privately held company which is majority owned by Robb Corporation – xrobb.com.

8). I’m with the Press. Where can I download The Urban Blvd logos?

A). Right HERE.

9). I just want some free stuff from you guys; how do I go about that?

A). Drop us an email and we’ll decide if you’re cool enough.

10). I have many more questions; how do I get in touch with you guys?

A). Drop us an email.


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