For licensing, wholesale, press, or any other queries about ANY of our amazing brands, please drop us an email at or call/text us on WhatsApp at 315.277.3691. We’re available 24/7 365. We’re looking forward to working with you. Thank you and please have a productive day!

MaryWhite is an accessories brand that primarily produces handbags. We believe in superb quality and affordability. Our designs are inspired by various aspects of life from art to culture.
Dormlife is a casual lifestyle brand established in 2018 that primarily produces backpacks. The meaning behind the brand is that of adding fun to the college life.
Robb Cosmetics is the parent brand to Sweet Grapes. We adhere to the quality is a beautiful standard. Our products are not just of great quality but they are also affordable.
Hustling Magician was the first brand created by Romane Orlando Robb, our founder, chairman and CEO. The story behind the name Hustling Magician is that Mr. Robb believes is using the resources you have to create the outcomes you desire. So you hustle and work magic to gain results.
Kreative Genius was the second brand created by Romane Orlando Robb. Kreative Genius is a kids’ brand that mostly produces fun and bright apparel.
Offensive is one of our staple brands. People tend to gravitate towards it because they perceive it as rebellious while others are fascinated with how simple yet bold the logo is.
Ena White is a jewelry and accessories brand.
Robb & Company Corporation is a financial firm that produces, in collaboration with The Urban Blvd, men’s ties.
Sweet Grapes is a cosmetics and beauty brand that produces make-ups, lipsticks and fragrances.
The Kickz Factory is primarily a curator for sneakers and other footwear that we find to be unique. The Kickz Factory also produces limited-edition footwear.
F.A.M.E is a lifestyle art project that aims to produce wearable art (primarily socks) showcasing the various elements of FAME.
The Urban Blvd produces casual-ware in limited quantities each season. Key items include; t-shirts. polos and caps.
Naltique is a nail, lips and on-demand consulting brand that was established in 2015.
NFGR – Not For General Release, established on March 1, 2020, by Romane Orlando Robb, aims to make very limited and high-quality apparel. The aim of the brand is in the name of the brand. The brand does not operate on set schedules and focuses on turning quality materials into functional garments.
The concept behind Seezen is that we’re all thinking about our respective futures. We ponder on the various paths we take (jobs, locations, etc) in life. Changes will occur, like the seasons. But you’ll be prepared. And with a clear and thoughtful mind; you’ll make the right decisions. Seezen was established on November 4, 2021, by Romane Orlando Robb and Mataso Jean-basile aka Jeebe.
AmeliaZoe produces premium dresses.

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