Q). When and why did you start TUB?
ROR: I started The Urban Blvd “TUB” on July 19, 2008. Why the importance of adding the specific date? I don’t know, I just have this thing where I’m very meticulous about dates. It’s very, very weird! I started TUB because I couldn’t get my brands – “Hustling Magician” and KGCC (Kreative Genius Clothing Company) at the time – in the stores I wanted. I’m talking about Reed Space, Boundless NY, Digital Gravel, Krudmart, Flatspot, etc. My solution to this dilemma was to create an e-store, stock a few of my friends’ upcoming brands in it (on consignment!), along side my brands (“house brands”), and market the heck out of it. That worked ok for a short while, but I had all these ideas that kept me up at night. My ideas ranged from a female accessories division, a gentlemen’s division, an eyewear division, sportswear, etc, etc. I slowly crafted various samples for each division to get feedback from friends and family…..and critiques. If the feedback was good, I would release it in limited quantities to avoid excessive inventory. And if the feedback was weak, then the obvious route would take effect. Apart from the credit card statements, both personal and business, I was just having fun with the company……and still am. Basically it was my creative outlet, and still is!
Q). Who was TUB’s first customer?
ROR: That’s easy! My mom; she has been supporting TUB since day one. She is now the second largest shareholder (the first is ROBB CORPORATION), so she’s ok.
Q). What’s your favorite brand under TUB?
ROR: I created them all so that’s an unfair question. I love them all.
Q). What do you love more, working on the apparel or the ad campaigns?
ROR: First, I call them art campaigns, not ad campaigns. And to answer your question, I LOVE the art campaigns because the idea of displaying a beautifully executed poster or banner for all to see is a very rewarding feeling. The continuous flow of ideas that I get for these campaigns are just remarkable, I just love it.
Q). What is your ultimate goal for TUB?
ROR: Great question! In the balance between art vs commerce, I want TUB to always lean towards art, first and foremost. So basically, I want TUB to be an art-house that occasionally makes apparel. An “apparel art-house” if you will. I started my first brands as a source of creative outlet, not a way to gain financial security, even though I’m a born capitalist (I “capitalize” on my other ventures). I never went to design/art school, and I barely know how to use illustrator or any other “fancy” design software. I’m the opposite of a fashion aficionado. Duh! Right? What I do know is; art is forever!

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