First off, this is a direct message to Mr. Dumb Mike. In case you guys were wondering (Yeah! We’re in the forums too) why we’re upset with Acmestinks, well, here’s the reason. After being a loyal customer for over two years (you can even ask the belt guy dumb mike), we were appalled and confused when dumb mike said we can’t work with them, and pay them for a service anymore.

So much for capitalism, DUMB FUCKING MIKE! Anyway, dumb mike said, we have never placed an order with Acmestinks and keep asking questions about their service. You know, questions a customer seeking screen printing services would usually want to know. Like, what is the max print size? Why do you charge xx prices? Can we get a mock up please? Can you work on your customer service? It turns out dumb mike doesn’t want to be asked those questions. Instead we should just close our eyes, pay him, cross our fingers and wait to see. Sorry dumb mike, it doesn’t work that way. At least for us. For the record, check your stats regarding how many orders we’ve placed with acmestinks. Go fuck yourself dumb mike!

P.S. – Dan WTF!

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