In 2009, Filter017 launched its own independent brand clothing, which was their first attempt to become a part of people’s daily lives. By sharing its vision of creation, delivering its sprits of design, and conveying its style of old-school, fashion, fusion, fun, humor, and joy, Filter017 infuses an exclusive style and distinctive selections into the streetwear market for its customers.

The Filter017 design team is not only dedicated to creating cutting edge graphic designs, but it also has an extraordinary standard for the quality of its products. In applying a relaxed and humorous attitude in its design and omitting unnecessary adornments, Filter017 appreciates versatility and simplicity, but never forgets the spirit of the old-school and street style. Our wish is that our customers are able to appreciate our high standards and the same exacting taste for fashion and design as we do.

In 2011, in combining the image of Filter017 and our design team, we opened our first store named “Filter017 CREALIVE” in Taichung, Taiwan. Meanwhile, in order to devote all of our effort, focus, and passion to this new store, we relocated our studio from Taipei to Taichung.

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