This is why I have very little respect for most of my “peers” in the fashion industry. They think with such a repulsive high school mentality; which sucks, because some of these people could actually be great to collaborate with, underneath their so called “coolness.” When you’re a young upstart brand/line/whatever these kids call it these days, just starting out, getting them to return your emails or messages is the equivalent to pulling teeth. Only worse! And the funny thing is; most of them are promotional whores for the bigger brands that don’t respect them because they’re the new guys and/or they’re “wack.”

I guess we all started at the top, right? Anyway, as soon as you get mentioned on a couple popular fashion blogs, they come to YOU in drones. Suddenly, you’re worthy of their attention. Let’s collaborate on this! Let’s collaborate on that! I’ve been following your brand since day one. This is such bullshit it’s not even funny. The statement that the fashion industry is littered with fake people echoes truer and truer every single day!

We’ve been around for a while; we just never wanted to meet you!

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