1). When was your fashion label established?

The Label was established around 2007.

2). What’s the goal behind the label?

The goal behind this label is to reach everybody and let them know what people really have, then taking life for granite. Also expression of what you love to do and not worrying about what others say; you got to “keep on, keeping on”

3). Who/what do you look to for inspiration in your industry?

I get my inspiration from the people that struggle on a daily basis to make to make ends meat , and are proud to be alive

4). Where do you see the label in five years?

I see this label in five years , as an icon brand where people want to be able to collect everything we make and an inspiration for the young teens trying to make it to the top.

5). Any advice for young or aspiring labels?

My advice is to of course “keep on, Keeping on” but to be grateful for everyday life and not just build a brand for the money but for the love and to remember who you are and who you were with to start with.

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