Ok! Here’s the dealio. We have accounts with Alstyle Apparel, American Apparel, and Alternative Apparel (What’s up with the A’s Guys?????). Most clothing start-ups don’t have the paperwork and/or the time to go through all the red tape to open an account with the above mention blank suppliers. What we decided to do was, open our connects to you, the humble start-up. Basically you place your order with us, and we give you a quote which is basically the cost per item plus $15. Example: AAA (Alstyle Apparel) Color T-Shirt, S-XL, $2.22 each, per dozen + 15% of $2.22 each, per dozen = $0.33. Your total, per shirt, per dozen is $2.55. If you agree with our quote plus shipping costs then you pay us, we place the order with our connects, and ship the order to you. Capiche?

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