JADEN KALE: I guess I’m a bit of a purist. I like promoting, but over promotion is deadly.

THE URBAN BLVD™: Deadly as in?

JADEN KALE: deadly as in, over saturating your market can lead to a numb audience. I can understand ‘in your face’ techniques and trending, but caplocks, disjointed web design, and the marketing strategies currently being used are not finely tuned for the fashion industry. I’m not saying “Be cookie cutter” but there are some things with your site and facebook that could be much more honed in and streamlined to make me, and artists/curators/shirt companies interested in your work or business.

And no, I don’t believe I’m a fan of urban wear.

THE URBAN BLVD™: Your final line summed it up. But I’ll explain none the less. I see you have an idea of what we do but we’re actually NOT trying to “fit” into
the ambiguous term of the fashion industry. By honed in, you want us to
look like? Basically you want us to look like the standard flash
website? If that’s the case, we most certainly cannot do that. Our supporters love how we’re different in everything we do. Website, packaging, etc. We could have easily just setup our main page as the shop, but THE URBAN BLVD™ is beyond just selling clothing. The story explains it.

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