As I sit down and type up (Word Skills!!!!!) this short blog post. It suddenly hit me that I’m motivated by some of the things I should not be motivated by. I was looking back on some of our earlier press (featured blogs, videos, etc) and saying how awesome it was to be in that magazine and how awesome it was to do that interview, while forgetting the whole point of starting this mini fashion empire (Not even!) according to some. This wasn’t about getting on The hottest fashion blogs, having the masses tell you about how “Dope” your brands are. This was and still is about being an independent company with independent brands that caters to a slightly different culture. Translation – Something exclusive for the very few. The few that wants something different, something limited. Something you can’t get at your local shopping mall, only at a hole in the wall or specialty boutiques NOT near you. I can’t say I don’t like the press The Urban Blvd and its’ brands get, but getting sidetracked by it can be a problem.

Bottom Line: Don’t let short term motivations kill your long term goals.

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